As a family we have had the privilege of travelling to under-developed countries in various parts of the world which has offered a life changing perspective on life here. Exposure to different cultures and lifestyles ultimately has shaped our outlook and acknowledging that with privilege comes responsibility. In recognition of this Peartree Barn Nursery have undertaken a sponsorship programme, ‘Adopt A Child’, through the reputable charity, ‘Living Water International.’ We are currently sponsoring a Latin-American child and by doing so we hope to ensure that in some small way we offer other children the benefit of regular meals, schooling in a safe environment where they can improve their living standards and be self-sufficient – things we take for granted. This has the wider educational advantage for our After-schools children to have the ability to learn about this child’s daily routines, culture and aspirations comparing them with our own. We also support TearFund, in particular their focus on the protection of vulnerable children, who through their work provide practical support for those suffering injustices in various parts of the world.