Peartree Barn Nursery believes that the food we provide should be of the highest quality, healthy and nutritious for the growing boys and girls in our care. Our friends from Drumhill Farm provide our fruit and vegetables direct to the Nursery each week ensuring freshness is guaranteed. We encourage independence and peer-learning through communal lunches and snack times with wholesome home-cookedlunches made in our Nursery kitchen as well as providing a healthy morning and afternoon snack.

1homemade cottage pie with carrots.homemade vegetable soup with crusty rollslocally sourced pork or beef sausages with mash and veglasagne and homemade chipschicken and veg pasta bake
2homemade stewroast chicken with mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravyhomemade pizza with a selection of toppingssalmon and mixed veg with potato wedgesroast gammon, pineapple, cabbage and sweet potato mash
3spaghetti bolognese and garlic breadchicken stir fry with noodleschicken curry rice and naan beadroast beef, gravy, carrot and parsnip mash tomato soup and crusty bread
4chicken goujons, chips and beansshepherds pie and peaspasta in a tomato and veg saucesalmon and mixed veg with mashed potatohotdogs and soup
5roast gammon pineapple, and mashed potatolocally sourced pork or beef sausages,with mash and veglasagne and homemade chipsfish fingers, potato wedges and peasmince pie, turnip and mashed potato